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Our Background


While he gives his all for each and every frame he shoots, checking backgrounds, flattering angles, lighting, depth of field, and composition, he achieves his most dramatic results when he follows his heart and soul.

Gary’s flair for building trust and connecting easily with subjects is prized by clients, as is his passion for perfection, easygoing nature, and out-of-the-box artistry. Award-winning editorial photographer, Gary Kane is a masterful visual storyteller, powered by boundless energy, creative artistry, and a gift for connecting with others. With assignments as diverse as corporate / industrial shoots, fine art portraiture, and Editorial fashion-lifestyle work, Gary nimbly serves the needs of his broad-based clientele.

Learning to relate to people from different backgrounds is a big part of being a Successful photographer and a human being. 

In action on the Polo fields of Wellington, Florida

Our Approach

 One of the best tools that I use is my enthusiasm…I love my work!! Photography is my life. It isn't a 9-5 job. Wherever I go, I'm always thinking of other photographs, locations, and even the quality of the light. I've never been afraid to try different techniques, sometimes they work and incredibly exciting images are made.

I look to continue shooting social events and lifestyle fashion photographs, and children's portraits. I continue to have hands on control with all of my clients because I feel that quality will always win out over quantity. I'm constantly developing new promotional pieces, and developing my web site. I'm always willing to travel, as new locations are always a challenge to making an exciting job.

I can be reached in the Tri-State area (888) 838-3887 ( I always answer my own phone whenever possible!!! )  I am always available for travel....Looking forward to speaking with you soon!!! 

What to Expect


I believe that the ability to gain my subject's trust is the most important factor in putting them at ease with the personal nature of the job you are going to do for them. After you have their trust, both the romantic and classic rock photos commercial and industrial photographer wedding photography spontaneous photographs come naturally.

A veteran photographer had told me that photography was only partially based on skill, but was more of an exercise in crowd control. In some ways this is true. There are so many ego's and personalities to deal with, making it essential that you are well prepared both emotionally (remain calm), and technically (maintain your equipment) to get people to move when and where you need them to.

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